Our services are designed for small businesses who want more from their accountant.  You get unlimited access to our team for advice and support so you don’t need to worry about calling us.


We understand that clients hate unexpected bills so we’ve listened to this and you will NEVER get a surprise bill from us, everything is agreed upfront and you will know exactly what services you are getting for your money.  What’s more we spread the cost over 12 monthly direct debits, easing your cashflow.

Year end accounts and tax returns

This is the minimum you would expect from any accountant! All businesses need to prepare year end accounts, whether you’re an sole trader, partnership or limited company.  We prepare and submit your year end accounts and tax returns as required to Companies House and HMRC.  When we prepare your accounts and tax returns we ensure you include all allowable expenses so that you only pay the correct amount of tax.  We always take the time to talk you through your accounts so that you understand what you are signing and what we are submitting.  Everything is submitted online keeping things efficient.

Management Accounts, Cashflow forecasts and Budgets

Your year end accounts are essentially a piece of history so you can’t just rely on these to improve and grow your business.  You need current information through the year that you can act on quickly.  Our management accounts service ranges from a simple 1 page visual dashboard report to full management accounts looking at your key performance indicators.  If you want to keep a close eye on your cashflow so you can proactively manage your cash ensuring you know if and when tight spots are coming up then building a cashflow forecast for the next 12 months or more is key.  We work with you to create an initial cashflow forecast, this can then be used to compare to what is actually happening so there are no unexpected problems.  No matter what size of business you run, creating a simple budget is another great way to keep track of what is happening in your business and helps to ensure nothing is missing in your actual figures.

VAT and Bookkeeping

We can prepare and submit your VAT return ensuring you are claiming and paying the correct amount of VAT  to HMRC, regardless of whether you are on the flat rate scheme, cash accounting scheme or standard VAT scheme.

If you hate paperwork and bookkeeping we can look after this remotely for you, freeing you up to do what you do best in your business.  We make the process as efficient and streamlined as possible by utilising bookkeeping software built specifically for small businesses.  We are advanced Pro-advisors for Quickbooks online and also partners with Receipt Bank.

If you want to do your own bookkeeping that’s no problem, we can help you get everything set up and train you on how to use the software so that you get the best out of it and spend as little time as possible on paperwork.  Check out our 1 day Quickbooks set up and training offer.

Payroll and Autoenrolment

We can take the headache out of ensuring your employee’s are paid correctly and ensure you pay the correct amount of PAYE over to HMRC on time.  If you employ staff it is likely that you will need to put in place a workplace pension scheme, also known as autoenrolment.  We can help you set up an autoenrolment compliant pension scheme and ensure you meet your duties avoiding the £3,000 penalty for non compliance.  When processing your payroll we will also submit the necessary information to your pension provider.




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